7 inspiring product launch videos

7 inspiring product launch videos

Sabrina Pan

September 2023

What are product launch videos?

Product launch videos emphasize a product’s unique features and the problems they solve in an exciting and memorable way. They are often used to introduce products or to launch new features. Likely, you’ve already seen these videos from your favourite brands on social media, websites, sponsored ads, or commercials. We’ll show you some examples in a bit.

Why should I care about video?

Storytelling has existed for thousands of years as a means of passing on information and valuable lessons. Stories possess the unique ability to evoke emotions, making them exceptionally memorable. In today's digital landscape, the art of storytelling has evolved, with videos emerging as one of the most immersive and captivating mediums by combining sound and imagery.

The significance of using video in marketing has grown substantially as an increasing number of people dedicate their online time to video consumption. In 2023, the average person dedicates 17 hours a week to watching online videos. The popularity of video is undeniable, with platforms like YouTube and TikTok ranking among the top social media apps.

Exceptional videos act as "scroll stoppers" in our highly competitive attention economy. They rise above the noise and instantly engage viewers. Moreover, videos inherently possess a viral quality, as outstanding ones practically beg to be shared, and people are more inclined to share videos than any other form of content.

More importantly, consumers are increasingly relying on video to learn about a brand or product and they are also more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

When should I use product launch videos?

While there may be many creative ways to use product launch videos, we will be highlighting two tried and true ways for you to leverage them.

To introduce your product and brand

Use video storytelling to introduce your product’s solution and convey your brand’s personality in a way that resonates with your target audience. When people search “What is [your product/company]?”, you want to be ready with a clear answer that can also convert people to users, paying customers, or advocates for your brand experience. Companies such as Slack, Notion, and Airtable have used these types of videos as a part of their strategy.

Additionally, while videos are great for attracting consumers, they can also be used to engage investors. Videos in investor pitches can increase investment chances by 50% and increase engagement by 80%. Perhaps considering video as an element in your next pitch deck could be a valuable way to elevate your presentation.

To launch a product

Using video in a product launch is a surefire way to generate hype and awareness about your upcoming product. Regardless of whether it is a soft or hard launch, you can start building momentum towards your product and brand by capturing attention and driving prospects towards a desired action such as signing up for a waitlist or account, or making a purchase.

7 inspiring product launch videos

So what makes a great product launch video? Let’s take a look at some examples of how other companies have successfully leveraged product videos.

Notion: Notion AI

Notion released a private alpha of their AI feature in November 2022 with a simple video on a landing page that funneled existing users and prospects onto a waitlist. This generated a lot of hype and anticipation. Three months later, they launched the feature to everyone alongside a newly made, more polished video (shown below). To showcase the scale of how successful their product marketing was, this video garnered over 11 million views on YouTube alone. Notion continues to leverage video throughout their product as seen by another video on their AI feature’s landing page.

Framer: Meet the new Framer

Framer shows off their features and personality with fast-paced, stylish videos. They demonstrate that you don’t always need a voiceover to tell a story as they successfully do so by relying on text, animations, pacing and music. Their videos are so well made that it’s hard not to feel excited about their product and the team behind it. They also embedded this video as an example video asset directly within their product—how creative is that?

Figma: What’s Figma?

Figma introduces themselves to their target audience of designers loud and clear with their artistic animations and, of course, references to niche designer pain points. This provides a good example of how a well curated video can resonate with the intended audience. 

Figma: Jambot

While Figma does a great job of using video to introduce their product, they also incorporate video throughout their marketing strategy. This is evident in their use of videos on multiple social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. For instance, their video for a new feature called Jambot received more than 196k views on Instagram and garnered over 12k likes on LinkedIn. Crossposting is another effective strategy to maximize engagement from a single video, especially considering that popular social media platforms are increasingly prioritizing the growth of video content.

Wealthsimple: Trade

In this video, Wealthsimple uses playful language, fresh animations, and spunky music to appeal to a younger audience and stand out in an industry known to be intimidating, corporate, and boring. This video amassed over 3 million views and multiple top comments beaming about how they love this ad and never skip it. Wealthsimple continues to promote such fun videos for other feature launches as well.

Slack: What is Slack?

With numerous messaging products available, what sets Slack apart? Slack uses a short video to clearly position itself as a messaging and productivity service tailored for professionals and organizations. As it describes specific workplace use cases, the value becomes even more apparent through the visual demonstration of various features.

Apple: Don’t Blink

Lastly, no list of inspiring product videos would be complete without Apple's 'Don't Blink' video. While it's a couple of years old, it continues to serve as an inspiration for the product videos we see today, with its kinetic typography and upbeat music.